Barn Cat Facility

Have a barn? Adopt a barn cat!

Perky and active young cats are ready and waiting to take up residence in your barn. They will perch in a safe spot and watch as you do your chores and provide environmentally safe and effective rodent control services! Most of these cats are stray or feral cats or their offspring who are shy about being handled but will thrive in a barn environment.

About the Barn Cats Program.

The Program’s Start

Our Barn Cat program was started in 1993 when our founder Linda Weber started actively rescuing homeless community cats. Helping challenging cats appealed to Linda once Peg Banes, founder of Spay and Save, showed her the ropes.

What Are Barn Cats?

Barn cats are feral cats that live outdoors and control the rodent population of a property. These cats aren’t socialized like domestic house cats but that doesn’t mean they can’t live a good life! If given a proper barn home, they can hunt and pounce without worry of having a safe place to sleep.

How it Works


We will deliver the cats and acclimate them to your barn. We are willing to go to great lengths for our cats - quite literally! We will gladly travel to approved barn homes within an approximate 40 mile radius of the Lansdale and Montgomeryville area to deliver our helpful mousers. (If you are outside this area, we may be able to refer you to other rescues in your area.)

We provide our barn cats with a cozy "cat condominium" to live in for the first three weeks of life in their new location. The crate allows the cats to acclimate to their new home without the danger of having them run away in search of their old stomping grounds.


If you have a barn home available, fill out the application below and we will be more than happy to discuss the process further with you.

All barn adoptions must be a minimum of two cats, though 3, 4 or more compatible cats can be adopted depending upon your needs and desires. Adopting barn cats is a way to help rescued cats in need of homes, control your rodent population and warm your heart, all at once!

We offer this service at no cost, although monetary donations are always welcome.

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