Whiskers Way Station

Welcome to the Whiskers Way Station!

Not all cats are ready for adoption right away, but that’s not a problem. Our socialization experts at Whiskers Way Station give them the attention and care every cat needs so they can fit right into their forever home.

About Whiskers Way Station.

The Program’s Start

Stray Cat Blues, Inc. needed a permanent location to call home. Whiskers Way Station opened in 2018 to serve as our headquarters and can facilitate up to 20 adult cats waiting for their forever home.

What is Socialization?

Socialization is the act of gradually acclimating a kitten or cat to human touch and to human homes. When we state that a cat is socialized, it means that they enjoy being around other human. Visit the ASPCA website learn more about socialization.

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How it Works


Stray Cat Blues actively works to recruit permanent homes for the stray cats in our program. All the animals are screened for feline leukemia, inoculated, sterilized and wormed when they first come to us. Healthy, adoptable cats are then housed through our network of foster homes. If the cat or kitten has some behavioral needs, we will take them to the Whiskers Way Station to become more socialized by our wonderful set of volunteer members. This enables us to have an intermediary area for kittens and cats who need socialization.

Whatwe Do

Volunteers help socialize the cats at the station while they transition to their new home. WWS provides plenty of room for our resident cats to roam, play, and curl up for a cozy nap in our family room. We specifically set up WWS to feel like someone’s home, with lots of sofas to lay on and cat towers to play on! We often have music running for the cats too so that they can get used to the natural noises that happen in a home, and our Volunteers come to take care of the cats on a daily basis.

OurFeatured Kitties


Sweet Lonny is the purr-fect companion

Domestic Short Hair

My heart has been broken. I need to find the love of my very own person again!

Domestic Short Hair

How you can support us

Donations dedicated to the Whiskers Way Stations help offset our operating costs. That way we have all the food, litter, utilities and rent all taken care of and our focus can be on making sure these cats have an easier transition.


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